4500PR14-5 - third diagram At a rotation angle of 210 000...

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Refractive Index from Rotating Prism A glass prism is placed on a rotating prism table in air. It is illuminated with a helium-neon laser beam of freespace wavelength of 632 . 8 nm . The prism is rotated. The angular scale on the rotation table is set to zero when the laser beam is reFected exactly back on itself (anti-parallel to incident beam). This is shown in the ±rst diagram of the attached drawing. The prism is then rotated clockwise. At a rotation stage angle of 23 . 080 , the beam passing through the prism is deviated by an angle of 16 . 161 as shown in the second diagram. This is the smallest angle of deviation that is found as the prism is rotated. As the prism is rotated further, the deviation increases as shown in the
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Unformatted text preview: third diagram. At a rotation angle of 210 . 000 ◦ , the laser beam is once again reFected exactly back on itself. ²rom this information, calculate, showing all work, the apex angle of the prism (in degrees) and the index of refraction of the prism. Express your answer accurately to four signi±cant ±gures. Put your answer in the space provided below. Apex Angle of Prism = deg Index of Refraction of Prism = Refractive Index by Rotating Prism Method Minimum deviation δ = 16 . 161 ◦ Apex angle of prism φ = 210 ◦-180 ◦ = 30 ◦ Refractive index of prism n = sin ( φ + δ 2 ) sin φ 2 therefore n = 1 . 51466...
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4500PR14-5 - third diagram At a rotation angle of 210 000...

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