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4500PD06 - ±or this dielectric material derive showing all...

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Dispersion Relationships A dielectric material has a dispersion described by its index of refraction as a function of freespace wavelength n ( λ ) where λ is the freespace wavelength. An electro- magnetic wave in this material has a phase velocity deFned by v p = ω/k and a group velocity deFned by v g = dω/dk . The quantity ω is the radian frequency and is given by ω =2 πc/λ and k is the wavevector magnitude given by k =2 πn/λ .
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Unformatted text preview: ±or this dielectric material, derive, showing all work, expressions for the quanti-ties listed below. Express all of your answers as functions of n , λ , dn/dλ , d 2 n/dλ 2 , c , and constants only . Thus, ω and k should be eliminated from all of your answers. Put your Fnal answers in the spaces provided. dω dλ = dk dλ = dω dk = dn dω = dn dk = dv p dk = dv g dλ =...
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