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4500PR07 - Right-to-Left Propagation Refraction Light is...

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Unformatted text preview: Right-to-Left Propagation - Refraction Light is propagating from right to left (rather than the standard left to right). An object is located 200 mm to the right of the spherical refractive surface as shown in the figure. The object is in air (index of refraction of 1.0). To the left of the refractive surface is glass of index of refraction of 1.5. The spherical refractive surface has a radius of curvature of 50 mm. The center of curvature is located to the left of the surface. Sphefical Refractive Surface A Calculate, showing all work, the location and magnification of the image due to _ the object shown. Express your answers accurately to four significant figures. Specify whether the image is left or right of the spherical surface. Specify whether it is a real or virtual image. Put your final answers in the spaces provided. Using a distance between tick marks of 50 mm, draw on the above diagram, the parallel ray, the chief ray, the focal ray, and the image. Magnitude of image distance from spherical surface : mm The image is to the (left) (right) of the spherical surface. (Circle one.) Magnitude of linear magnification = The image is (real) (virtual). (Circle one.) Right-to-Left Propagation - Refraction Reverse left and right and proceed using standard methods R = +50mm, 77.1 = 1.00, 712 = 1.50, s 2 +200mm f1 = M— : +100mm n2 — n1 R f2 = _n2___ = +150mm n2 — n1 n1 2 __ 712-711 3 s’ _ R ' n2 R s I m = — ms 2 ——1.00 (inverted real image) n23 ...
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