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SummerSurvival - from ECE Academic Office ‘ Surviving...

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Unformatted text preview: from ECE Academic Office ‘ Surviving Summer Term Since the requirement in Summer Term is to teach material normally taught in a 15 week semester in an 11 week period, the work load for any course increases by nearly 40%. For examples, instead of giving 11 homework sets, each with 4 problems (typical for Spring or Fall Semesters), you will receive 8 homework sets, each with S or 6 problems. Instead of having three 50-minute long tests during the term, you will have two 70-minute tests. Hints for Survival Because of the increased work load for each course, don’t take too many courses! For a 3 semester hour course, it is normally assumed that the student will spend 6-8 hours per week (in addition to the 2.5 hours per week in class) working on that material. During a compressed term, the expectation is that the student will spend 8-11 hours per week (in addition to the 3.5 hours per week in class) working on the material. Don’t miss class and don’t be late for class! Since there are fewer class periods in which to cover the same material, the pace is faster; thus, missing a class can put you so far behind that you won’t be able to catch up. Don’t expect special treatment. A semester is a semester, even if taught over an 11 week term. All required material will be covered! w SUM M<r furl/«Wm, ...
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