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Assignment #1: Exposure Test Objectives: 1. To produce correctly exposed images of the same scene using equivalent exposures (Shutter speed and aperture together) 2. Scene must be brightly lit by sun between 10am and 5pm. 3. Scene must include person (main focus point), a background with receding distance (ex: a street), and the background must include constantly moving objects (ex: cars or people). 4. Students may work in groups of 5 or less, with at least one student with SLR camera with manual functions. 5. Not every student physically needs to take the photograph, just make sure each member understands the concept of assignment. Instructions: 1. Take four photographs of same scene at ISO 200 using the following apertures: a. f/2.8 (Or lowest your camera allows) b. f/8 c. f/16 d. f/22 (Or highest your camera allows) 2. Find shutter speed to coincide with each aperture that correctly exposes the scene.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Make sure you get moving object in background of each image. 4. Focus point in all images (person) must be in sharp focus. 5. Print each image on separate piece of paper and include the following information: a. Camera used b. Shutter speed c. Aperture d. ISO e. Lens focal length (17mm, 50mm, 200mm, etc.) f. Time of day g. Relation of sun to subject h. Overall analysis of each image (What was discovered? Shallow depth of field? Motion blur on background object? Etc.) 6. If needed, computer lab is located in Centrum 207, next to the Fine Arts department. a. Username: student b. Password: 1050 7. Put each page inside clear plastic sleeve including cover page. 8. Include names of each group member on cover page of assignment. 9. Present professionally (Put images and cover page in folder) *Assignment due Thursday, Jan. 17 in class...
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