yea - Universals are that of which don't exist in the way...

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Universals are that of which don’t exist in the way that ordinary physical objects exist . Universals are the idea or thought of an object that physically exists . If a person were to think of a truck in their minds, they could not imagine or picture what truck looks like, because truck is just the idea of a real existing physical object . The only thing people can do when they try to picture a Truck in their minds, is remember what a truck looks like that they have already physically seen . The properties of the truck people picture in their head are referred to as Forms. There is a form for every type of object in reality . There are forms of dogs, forms of mountains, human beings, there are forms of colors, and the list could go on . It is possible to picture what the color red looks like in one’s head, however it is not possible to imagine what the word color itself looks like in our heads . That is because color is a universal, and red is a form. To be even more specific, there are different shades of the color red, there is dark red, light red, and others shades of red . These are referred to as particulars. Particulars are the characteristics of a form. To put these three important terms together, it would be that particulars make up the forms of universals . Plato believed that universals are more real than particulars even though we are able to touch, see, and taste particulars and yet we can only think of universals . Aristotle did not believe this
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yea - Universals are that of which don't exist in the way...

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