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Final Paper (Final) 6-7-07

Final Paper (Final) 6-7-07 - Gordon Tong CAT 3 Ryan C(A04...

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Gordon Tong 6/7/07 CAT 3 – Ryan C (A04) In Harmony San Diego County sits near an active fault, is covered in woodland, and resides next to the open Pacific Ocean; it is constantly being threatened by nature from all three sides. The irony of it all lies in the fact that we ourselves have brought it upon ourselves, as evidenced by our past history of fire suppression, which has led to stronger and more powerful wildfires. This, along with burning fossil fuels, may lead to potential storms and flooding along the coast. In order to protect ourselves from the possibly fatal ramifications of these disasters, we must learn to live in harmony with the environment, by reducing our impact in regards to pollution, habitat destruction, and resource overuse. The fact that we are situated near the eastern rim of the Pacific Ocean combined with the surrounding woodlands and chaparral climate has made San Diego a prime target for potential natural disasters. Currently, San Diego is free from hurricanes, but with the rising temperatures from global warming could change that. In addition to potential hurricanes, climate change would also lead to rising sea levels due to melting land-based glaciers. Low-lying areas of San Diego County would be flooded, displacing many residents. Also, global warming can reshape the future of wildfire potential; wind
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