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Paper 2 - 2-16-07 - Gordon Tong CAT 2 Olga Expert...

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Gordon Tong 2/14/07 CAT 2 – Olga Expert Relativity In order to profit most economically, our society has had to adopt the practice of specialization. Through specialization, experts were created – people who had a vast amount of knowledge concerning their particular field of specialization. These were the people who referred to as experts – people who had a large amount of knowledge about a particular field. However, a small problem presents itself when we view expertise in such a way: how do we distinguish on the amount of knowledge or skill needed to be classified as an expert? How do we establish the bar on the amount of knowledge one must possess in order to be a qualified authority on the subject? The answer is rather simple. The amount of knowledge one must possess in order to be an expert is relative to the average amount of knowledge possessed by the population in question; therefore, someone is an expert if their knowledge of a subject far exceeds the average knowledge possessed in a community. We find that in order to distinguish an expert, we need an average citizen for comparision. This brings forth several interesting points. We can see that because we recognize that expertise is relative to the population, we cannot place an exact measurement of how much experience and skill the expert in question has to possess. Also, it can be inferred that it will vary greatly from population to population; a community that consists of a highly educated population would increase the bar required to be qualified as an expert in their eyes. For example, suppose there exists a village that is populated by only hunters; we can safely assume that they would have a vast amount of knowledge and skill in hunting, due to the fact that their very survival depends on the food they hunt. Suppose
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also, there is a village some distance away with residents that have varied skills. If there is a hunter in that village, we can assume that that hunter would be regarded as an expert in hunting; everyone would have far less knowledge about hunting since they would be more immersed in their own fields of expertise, thus developed several experts in different fields. However, if the hunter was to travel to the village of hunters, he would find himself surrounded with people with similar experience and skill in hunting – people
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Paper 2 - 2-16-07 - Gordon Tong CAT 2 Olga Expert...

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