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Paper 1 1-24-07 - Gordon Tong CAT 2 Olga The Subjectivity...

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Gordon Tong 2/9/07 CAT 2 – Olga The Subjectivity in Reasoning Back in my high school days before college, I was in a band with a few friends. You would not be able to find a group of people with such diverse musical tastes. But of course, since we each liked a different genre of music, it became hard to find songs to cover that would suit everyone. One time last summer, I found the perfect song for us to play. I reasoned that since it had the perfect level of difficulty and it was fun to play, everyone else would agree. At the next band practice, I presented it to the rest of the group. After listening to the song, they agreed that it was easy and fun to play and would be the perfect song to cover… if only it did not sound terrible. Naturally, I was shocked. My reasoning had failed. I did not understand how they could not appreciate the moving lyrics and upbeat melody that I found catchy. However, they still insisted that it sounded horrible to their ears. I was asked to find another song that everyone would like, but after a few hours, I realized that I simply could not do it. I did not understand their music tastes, and because they insisted that the song be suited to their tastes as well as mine, it was a complete necessity. What I did not take into account were their subjective music tastes. It was the flaw in my reasoning process. I learned that if you are reasoning with someone regarding something that is as subjective as music, you will not reason well unless you understand their point of view. Reasoning is not entirely objective, but instead is highly subjective and is an integral part of our society today. Understanding another person’s views, and being able to step into their shoes is a vital component in being able to reason out what they would think. Understanding each other and their beliefs is core to how our society
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functions. Therefore, I believe that as a consequence, we can only reason with each other if we can really understand each other and depart from our own localized belief system. It is this very nature of reason that illustrates the need for people in society to be open in the mind and understanding of others. Looking back onto my experience, I now fully realize how self-centered I was.
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Paper 1 1-24-07 - Gordon Tong CAT 2 Olga The Subjectivity...

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