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Undergraduate Curriculum - Undergraduate Curriculum...

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Undergraduate Curriculum Industrial Engineering is a diversified discipline with students preparing for careers in a variety of areas within the general field. The curriculum provides flexibility in course selection in order to specialize in a given major option. A general outline of the program is given below. catalog A-level Harder-level MA 265 266 PHYS 241 NUCL 273 ECE 201 ME 200 IE 335 336 343 370 383 431 474 486 Areas of Specialization 1. Manufacturing Engineering - Planning, analysis, and design of manufacturing methods, processes, and integrated systems including consideration of the equipment, controls, services, managerial concerns, and new technology such as computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), automation, robotics, and computer control. 2. Operations Research and Systems Engineering - Investigation and development of principles and techniques for quantitative evaluation, identification, analysis, organization, design, and representation of integrated physical and operational systems using theory and methods of statistics,
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Undergraduate Curriculum - Undergraduate Curriculum...

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