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NAME Ms. Witt English 108 - 04 25 April 2007 Cover Letter I will start with the fact that it was very interesting for me to revise my papers because I analyzed what I did wrong and right when writing the essays and then receiving those papers graded. I have come to conclusion that everything we do needs to be looked at again so that me and you know how to avoid the mistakes we made before. But it is not so easy because most of us including me do not like to notice any mistakes. To me, it makes me feel stupid because I begin to realize that I could do those things better, but I was probably lazy or thought that I was fine. This is why we always should look back, take something important with us, and go forward. This is the idea of success in every single field of our active life. And this is what I tried to do with my papers as well. Essay 1. Global revision. The important thing I did with my first paper was that I made significant changes related to global organization. First of all, I realized that a few topic sentences in the paper were a sort of inappropriate, they did not match the evidence that I presented in that paragraph. For example, in the second body paragraph of the graded paper, the topic sentence emphasizes credibility attained by the author’s tone: “Another way Dr. King augments his credibility is that he writes the letter in a confident tone to emphasize the injustice which African-Americans have to experience”. But right after that topic there is no supporting information about tone, it is about connecting with the audience. As it is the subpoint of the first paragraph, I decided not to add anything new about credibility, but I changed the topic sentence as follows: “Moreover, Dr. King augments his credibility by showing his knowledge of Biblical texts about justice”. This is more understandable to the reader because he or she already knows that I am going to show evidence
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Sample_Cover_letter - NAME Ms Witt English 108 04 25 April...

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