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Pre Lab of Macrocyclic - (g/mL Safety Propanoic acid-20.8...

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Pre-Lab Intro In this week, the macrocyclic synthesis is performed. Especially, heme is an example of a class of biologically important macrocyclic, nitrogen-containing molecules known as porphyrins. At this experiment, porphyrin derivative is prepared. At the preparation, there is the condensation of benzaldehyde with pyrrole in boling propanoic acid. After get the product, we will determine yield and UV/V spectrum. Physical constants M.P( ) B.P( ) M.W (g/mol) Density
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Unformatted text preview: (g/mL) Safety Propanoic acid-20.8 141.1 74.08 0.992 Irritants and toxic. Benzaldehyde-26 178.1 106.13 1.0415 Irritants and toxic pyrrole-23 130 67.09 0.967 Highly flammable Methanol-98 64.7 TPP 79-81 360 Not Flammble DMF-61 153 73.09 0.944 Irritants and toxic Copper acetate 115 240 363.26 1.88 Irritants and toxic Cobalt acetate 298 249.08 Irritants and toxic Zinc acetate 237 219.50 Irritants and toxic Chloroform-63.5 61.2 119.38 1.48 Carcinogen...
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