Speech 2 - Speech Exam chapters 1-9 NEXT WEEK Appendix ABC...

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Speech 2-11-08 Exam, chapters 1-9 NEXT WEEK Appendix ABC Multiple choice short answer Theories Aristotal- selft-action NEVER KNOW!!! How people are going to respond to you. Einstein – transaction 1) Human communication is a process 2) There is no reality to be expressed through the communication act, realities are created through the communicative act 3) Meanings are in people, not words. Experience behavior (top part is feedback) A-------------------------------B Behavior experience Three dimensions of the transactional model: Context- what your talking about Relational – how your meaning hits your audience Content – meaning of message 4 message systems Language Gesture Space- look in the eye, don’t get up in their face Sexuality- how do you use your gender to set a tone ( IBM with the pinstripe suits) The Perceptual Process 1) Sensorial experience 2) Organize it 3) Interpret/evaluate it
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Speech 2-18-08 Cmdinsight.com/videocontest 42 questions 25 mult. Choice. 6 short answer 1 essay chapters 1-9 appx ABC short answer worth 5 points- 2-3 sentences essay question- list examples confidence integrity skill science lecture –organized knowledge, theories communication is a process that we describe through the helix example communication is irreversible, you cant undo what you say negotiation 1 law of communication ---- YOU NEVER KNOW
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Speech 2 - Speech Exam chapters 1-9 NEXT WEEK Appendix ABC...

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