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Danny Schaeflein Philosophy-206 Paper After surfing the web countless number of times looking for an article that was clearly an issue when it came to morality, I found only two, of which which seemed to be something that you do not tend to hear every day. Finally after much deliberation I had picked one. The key moral issue in the article is an obvious one. Two teenage girls from Florida robbed a nine year old girl scout outside of a supermarket. You would be inclined to think that stealing from a girl scout is just outrageous, but not to these two girls. They were "unremorseful" and "pissed" after being caught by the police. Clearly the key moral issue here is stealing, none the less stealing from a little girl who is in the girl scouts. This is a significant issue because the issue of stealing is happening all over the world day after day. No matter what the circumstances are as a result of stealing people still act upon it. Even if people know what they are getting themselves into prior to stealing, they do not care, the person will always have an intention which will always make it wrong. It is wrong for someone to take something that is not their without the consent of the person from whom they stole from. No matter what the cause is for stealing something, whether it is for their own happiness, or to bring happiness to another person, it is still wrong. As a result we have a tendency to want to have the thief be punished for his or her actions.
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After reading this article the only philosopher that I could think of that would really relate to this topic is Augustine. When it comes to the topic of stealing, if alive today, Augustine Danny Schaeflein could preach about it and how it is possibly one the worst things that any
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philosophy - Danny Schaeflein Philosophy-206 Paper After...

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