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political system - Danny Schaeflein POL-201 My Ideal...

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Danny Schaeflein 4-29-08 POL-201 My Ideal Political System My ideal political system is one that is based off of a system of government in which I am familiar with and with what I have known to have the best chance of success. My political systems main goal will be based off of what makes the majority of the people happy and the minority content. The key point to understand in my ideal political system is there will be a separation of powers. That is to make sure that not one part of the government will abuse any of its power. Type of Political System The type of political system that I would like to establish is a Bicameral Democracy. It will be governed by popular representation, meaning that all the powers will be held by the people through elected officials who are voted in by the people of the country. This type of government will be as a federal system of government, where there are central and state governments. With the central government having the final say. With the state being inferior to the central, they will have a system of checks and balances so the central does not abuse all its powers. Just like the United States there will be a Senate and a House of Representatives in the legislative system. There will be a supreme court that will
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deal with the judicial system, and the executive system will handle to day to day activities of the government. The President In my Bicameral Democracy the President is the one person who holds the most power out of anyone. But his powers are checked on and monitored by the senate so he does not abuse his power. The president can make any laws that he or she feels is necessary to help the country succeed. The president is the commander in chief of the armed forces of the executive branch. He or she makes all the military based decisions with the help of the senate or as he feels necessary. The president has the right to dismiss any member from the House or the senate that he or she feels is necessary. Every decision that has an effect on everyone in the country first has to be approved by the senate. Election Process of the President
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political system - Danny Schaeflein POL-201 My Ideal...

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