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bus 260 ethical dilemma

bus 260 ethical dilemma - Danny Schaeflein Bus 260 Ethical...

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Danny Schaeflein Bus 260 Ethical Dilemma Earning a good grade on a project, test, and even homework makes you feel good about yourself . It is not until people try to cheat their way out of it that makes you not deserve that good grade . The majorities of kids in high school do this on a constant basis, either because they are lazy and not want to do the work or because they think the person that they are cheating off of will get a better grade then they will. I am referring to an ethical dilemma in which I was faced with this same kind of decision . I can remember it clearly it was my junior year in high school, and the class was sadly, religion . The dilemma in which I faced was at the time not an easy one . I was studying for a final exam and my teacher had given us a sheet on what to study . She had told us that the test was going to be two essays questions that she had handed out . So knowing the questions before the actual exam made me think that I could easily get an 'A', that is by cheating . I had the chance to practice what I was going to say in my answer when the day came along . But me being ignorant at the time, I decided to go ahead and answer the questions using all of my notes and my book on a piece of paper and use it on my exam . My plan was to answer the questions the night before the exam on a sheet of paper and bring it in with me . I would have brought numerous other sheets of paper to put on top so the teacher would not find out about it. I had it all planned out
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thinking I was going to pass with flying colors, then the teacher threw the whole class a curve ball .
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bus 260 ethical dilemma - Danny Schaeflein Bus 260 Ethical...

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