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January 28 - 8 Gays a Less inhibited male actions i Lots of...

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21:06:17 Video – Love, Love Me Do 1.) Behavior patterns between male and females have not changed 2.) Really really bad dancers 3.) Men want lots and lots of sex a. Women not so much 4.) Women looking for long term mates a. Men short term dates 5.) Looking in Partner a. Men – looks and youth fertility b. Women – finically stable etc c. Transcend the world and time 6.) Become different because brain is different between the male and female a. Female picks mate based on the time they have to put into it b. Male spread seed as much as possible 7.) Origin of the difference a. Men look for reproductive payoff b. Women – quality of genes
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Unformatted text preview: 8.) Gays a. Less inhibited male actions i. Lots of male partners 500-1000 men over life time ii. Point is mostly sex 9.) Lesbians a. Women are one on one b. Strong emotional connection c. Not all about the sex d. Reason for love is not sex Thirst 1.) Diets a. Some are easier to follow i. Similar eating – less change ii. Approaching instead of avoiding iii. Eating is a social action iv. Take it slow v. Set up realistic goals vi. Surround self with good food vii. Social eating is good viii.Negative feedback 2.) Obesity has brought live expectancy down a. 65% are overweight b. 35% obese...
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