January 18 - i Definition of drive 1 Pooled energy source...

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06:02:03 Types of motives exist – psychological and physiological Theories are useful – no duh! Take a lot of data and summarize what we learned. Develop further research Chapter 2 – History I.) Philosophers a. Plato i. Appetitive 1. Body demands – hunger, thirst, sleep ii. Competitive 1. Other people – competition iii. Calculating – decision making b. Aristotle i. Nutritive ii. Sensitive 1. Body sensations – pain and pleasure iii. Rational c. Descartes i. THE WILL 1. Originator of all action 2. Passive until action happens 3. Act because of the will a. Circular argument II.) Instinct Theory a. Grew from Darwin i. Humans are adaptive so that it leads to the perpetuation of the species b. James and McDougall
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i. If it is an instinct it is universal within the species ii. c. Decline: Bernard i. Discarded because it was very large and circular d. Contemporary: sociobiology or evolutional psychology i. What is left of the instinct theory III.)Drive Theory a. Freud: goal is to reduce energy b. Hull
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Unformatted text preview: i. Definition of drive 1. Pooled energy source ii. Differentiating from habit 1. Directs your energy iii. sEr = sHr * D * K 1. intensity = habit, drive, and incentive iv. Not all ways correct 1. Sometimes it doesn’t work IV.) Grand Theory a. Explains all of human behavior b. Not really possible c. Too complex V.) Modern Day a. Emergence of mini-theories i. Organize literature ii. Work in some contexts and not in others b. Change in the field i. Why do specific groups act in a certain way? ii. Solve a particular problem iii. No longer see the person as being passive 1. More active in nature 2. Environment acts on us and we act on the environment iv. Cognitive Revolution 1. Switch from the behaviorist 2. Start looking at thought again 3. Look into the black box v. Do not get a PhD in motivation c. Motivation today Quiz Chapters 1&2 Have to know things in the book not covered in class...
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January 18 - i Definition of drive 1 Pooled energy source...

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