April 4th - 7. Less restrained iv. Ambivert – in the...

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April 4 th Unit 4 BEGIN 1.) Personality Characteristics a. Those that focus on subjective well being (happiness) b. Extroversion i. Definition – out going and social able 1. Enjoy social situations 2. Seek out other people 3. Get energy from being with other people ii. Facets 1. Sociability 2. Seeks social situations 3. Tendency toward social dominance 4. Venturesome – have adventures a. Seek out stimulating situations 5. Turn things into a competition iii. Different from introverts 1. Can detect the situations for happiness 2. Less cortically aroused in baseline a. So need more situations with people b. Don’t give them a depressant i. Might get really depressed c. Will respond more to stimulants 3. More happiness 4. Do worse in school 5. Notice less details 6. Do not avoid competition
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Less restrained iv. Ambivert – in the middle of the introvert and extrovert 1. Most people are this Extroversion test 1 Y 2 Y 3 Y 4 Y 5 Y 6 N 7 Y 8 Y 9 Y 10 Y 11 Y 12 Y 11 out of 12 – you’re a freaking intervert International personality item pool Neuroticism 1.) Definition a. Emotional stability b. Tendency to notice negative things in the environment c. Notice the things that could go wrong d. Chronically dissatisfied i. More likely to be unhappy Arousal 1.) Want to get as much arsoual till we hit an individual threshold a. Motivated to seek the optinmal level 2.) Inverted U curve a. Insufficient stimulation b. Excessive i. Emotional disruptions ii. Confused iii. Forgetful iv....
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April 4th - 7. Less restrained iv. Ambivert – in the...

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