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February 27 - i Kind of student ii Kind of employee c...

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08:22:06 1.) Positive Illusions a. Change priorities for the better b. Have power over the illnesses etc c. The normal human mind distorts things in the positive direction i. Beneficial to be somewhat delusional d. Might make them more proactive in finding more treatments etc 2.) Illusion of Control a. Adverse affects in situations that you think you have control in when you really don’t b. Learned helplessness can be good since you need to give up on things you cannot handle c. If thinking you have control can be both good and bad d. Pessimism – failed because I suck e. Optimist – look to future to change for the better Chapter 10 1.) Self – Concept i. Defining the self – Self Concept ii. Identity - Relating yourself to other people iii. Agency – the self can grow and develop b. Self Scheme – domain specific picture of yourself
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Unformatted text preview: i. Kind of student ii. Kind of employee c. Consistent Self – want to give image of yourself i. Self-presentation 1. Way to act during a career expo for example ii. Selective Interactions 1. Only interact with people that understand you iii. Responding to self discrepant feedback 1. Schema people have for you is different then your own schema 2. Self-concept certainty – how confident are you that your schema is accurate a. When it is a new schema this doesn’t bother you b. If you are sure about who you are then this bothers you c. If you know who you are then you wont be bothered because you know who you are 3. Degree of discrepancy a. Bothers us more if it is more intense discrepancy...
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