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20:41:56 Emotions Questions about emotions 1.) What is an Emotion a. 4 Components i. Subjective experience 1. Difficult to describe to another person ii. Physiological response patterns iii. Social/Expressive 1. Facial expression / bodily gestures iv. Functional / Adaptive -- Purpose 1. Communication to another person 2.) What causes Emotion a. Biological perspectives i. James Lang – emotion comes from the physiological response ii. Response to event that causes emotion, not the event itself b. Cognitive Perspective i. Thinking that surrounds the event that causes the emotion
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Different thinking means different emotions for same situations 3.) How many emotions are there a. Perspectives – many different perspectives on things i. Unlimited number of emotions because of the multiple ways to view the situation b. Basic Emotions i. Biological – only 2 to 10 emotions ii. Many different levels of the emotions 1. Within the same family but differences between them 2. Basic Emotions are the names for the families 3....
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