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Model II Quotations - allied organizations on top of which...

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Model II Quotations 1. “Basic Unit of Analysis: Governmental Action as Organizational Output…The decisions of government leaders trigger organizational routines…existing organizational capacities for employing present physical assets constitute the range of effective choice open to government leaders confronted with any problem…organizational outputs structure the situation within the narrow constraints of which leaders must make their decisions about and issue” (164) 2. “The actor is not a monolithic nation or government but rather a constellation of loosely
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Unformatted text preview: allied organizations on top of which government leaders sit.” (166) 3. “People brought together temporarily for a transient purpose…organizations create capabilities…organizations and their routines constrain behavior… organizational culture emerges to shape the behavior of individuals with in the organization…organizations are less analogous to individuals then to a bundle of technologies.” (145-146) Key points Hierarachy units Use hierarchy to enforce views pg 178...
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