March 20 - ii 3-4 alternatives – scan the horizon iii Use...

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13:11:10 Non-incremental Model 1.) Huge policies 2.) Paul Schulman 128 3.) Incremental Model along with pluralism had become the dominant view of the discipline a. Missed this type of policy 4.) Longer Range planning 5.) Divisibility Paradigm a. Assuming issues can be divided into sub units that can be taken on by them selves b. Some policies cannot be broken down – Space Race i. Treated in a synoptic fashion ii. Have to have tremendous public support iii. Resource intensive iv. Threshold requirement of public support – critical mass 1. Not pluralistic v. Tendency to oversell the policy 1. Iraq 2. Rosy scenario about what was going to occur Amitai Etzioni 1.) Mixture of incrementalism and realism 2.) Use camera lens as an analogy a. 2 stages b. Wide angle i. Look more broadly for alternatives
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Unformatted text preview: ii. 3-4 alternatives – scan the horizon iii. Use telephoto lens 1. Narrow down on the things that are politically feasible and are good idea Anthony Downs 1.) While implementing the programs the agency have to define the problem and solution and then have to go to the legislature a. Occurs because of alarmed discovery i. Gets people excited b. Or occurs because of a euphoric problem i. Less effective c. The attentive public i. Crisis trying to avert or thing that needs to be achieve ii. Attentive public wains as implementation occurs Allison Model II Organizations 1.) How bureaucracies structure the policy process Model III 1.) Biggest contribution Model II 10 quotes for the entire chapter...
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March 20 - ii 3-4 alternatives – scan the horizon iii Use...

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