March 26 - b Will influence the appraisals that are made 5...

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00:16:25 Appraisal of and Emotions – thinking about event makes the emotions 1.) Arnold a. Premise i. Look at the situation and appraise it as positive or negative ii. Like it or dislike it iii. This influences behavior iv. Approach things that are desirable v. Limbic System is involved in this process b. Process 2.) Lazarus – research area is stress a. Primary – decide whether it is personally relevant or not i. Doesn’t effect you = no emotion ii. Anything that is personally at stake b. Secondary – adequate resources to meet the situation i. Assessment of the coping resources ii. If not adequate then stress is the outcome iii. Resources – time, energy, knowledge base, etc 3.) Other dimensions 4.) Role of emotional knowledge a. Need to have a knowledge base about emotions
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Unformatted text preview: b. Will influence the appraisals that are made 5.) Attribution – identify the cause of the situation a. Certain emotions connected to the attribution basis Emotions Shame – Failure – internal – unstable – uncontrollable Anger – Failure – external – unstable – controllable Gratitude – Success – external – stable – uncontrollable Hope – Success – internal – stable – controllable Social concept on emotions 1.) Emotional contagion – automatically copy another’s emotions 2.) Sharing emotion with other people – makes a connection to the other person Emotional Socialization 1.) Comes from primary caregivers, peers, broader society 2.) Causes of emotion...
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March 26 - b Will influence the appraisals that are made 5...

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