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media essay - Rachael Mayer WS 401.01 March 13, 2008 Women...

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Rachael Mayer WS 401.01 March 13, 2008 Women in the Media Every day women and young girls are bombarded with images of “the perfect woman” in magazines. These women are not your everyday women, but professional models who were born into the mere 5% of the population with their body type. Not only are these magazines presenting women who are not actually like the average woman at all, they are showing images of women that have been digitally altered to appear more attractive. In order to get this “perfect body”, women are going to great lengths to starve themselves and attempt to perfect their bodies so that they, too, can be that thin and pretty. Magazines aren’t helping either by placing numerous ads in each issue promoting dieting and weight loss. By displaying such photographs and ads in their magazines, advertisers are sending out the wrong message to young women across the world; a message that says it is not really okay to be the person you actually are. As Dove showed in their Evolution video, advertising agencies have the ability to put out images of women that don’t really exist. By completely changing the way their model looks, these advertisers are setting unattainable goals for young women. The people that are buying these magazines believe that the women shown are real, and that in order to be beautiful they must look like these models. In reality, the models that readers see in magazines have been made-up head to toe by professional hair stylists and make-up artists, had their photos taken by
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media essay - Rachael Mayer WS 401.01 March 13, 2008 Women...

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