Invertabrates/Phylum Porifera - o Outside of organism o Act...

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INVERTABRATES Most animals are invertebrates Most invertebrates are marine, some are freshwater, few are terrestrial TERRESTRIAL AQUATIC BENEFITS PROBLEMS BENEFITS PROBLEMS -high concentration of O 2 -diffusion -dehydration -UV radiation -reproduction -support (no buoyancy) -excretion (must retain water and also convert toxic ammonia to less toxic uric acid) -temperature stability -buoyancy -density -respiration -excretion (its diluted by water) - temp stability -low concentration of O 2 -density IN FRESH WATER: -pH variability -osmotic balance A. Phylum Porifera Kingdom: Animalia Asymmetric Usually found in salt water No real adaptations No true tissues, but they do have layers of cells o No organs Sponges can product sexually or asexually
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CELL TYPES: Flattened Cells
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Unformatted text preview: o Outside of organism o Act as epidermis o Gives form / acts as a covering • Chonocytes (Collar Cells) o Mucus traps particles, particles brought in through phagocytosis o Gas exchange o Chonocytes trap food and aid in gas exchange • Amoebocytes o Removes food from chonocyte and digests it o Distributes nutrients to the flattening cells o Keeps cells alive o MESOHYL Amoebocytes wander through it Produce spicules (can be soft or have points; help with structure and protection) • Porocytes o Channel that water goes from outside to inside of cell o Uses flagella to draw water into the spongocel and out through the osculum TYPES OF SPONGES: 1. Asconoid Sponges 2. Leuconoid Sponges 3. Syconoid Sponges...
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Invertabrates/Phylum Porifera - o Outside of organism o Act...

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