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Physics 31: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics Instructor A. P. Hickman LL 404 Office hours: anytime except during the two hours before class 610-758-3917 [email protected] Textbook Concepts of Modern Physics (6 th edition, 2003, by A. Beiser) ISBN 0-07-244848-2 Course content Chapters 2–7 of the textbook, at least: history, key experiments, wave-particle duality, de Broglie waves, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Bohr model of the atom, applications of quantum mechanics: particle in a box, finite square well, harmonic oscillator, hydrogen atom, tunneling, quantitative discussion of atomic an molecular structure Grading Homework due Thursdays at beginning of class, graded for effort, ok to work together, no credit if turned in late 15 % 1 st exam (late February) 25% 2 nd exam (April) 25% Final 35% Web page http://www.lehigh.edu/~physics/31 Homework information: The homework will be checked for effort, but not formally graded.
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