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4.19 Globalization

4.19 Globalization - • Cultures use Western ideas but...

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Globalization Yes, Globalization is occurring Spread and power of MNCs Spread of western culture Economic crises are harder to contain Interdependent issues o Environmental degradation o Human rights o Disease o AIDS o Bird flu Movement away from collective/family to individualism Spread of terrorism IOs, intl. treaties becoming more prevalent and influential Spread of communication/technology o Internet, cell phones Increasing migration, urbanization More open borders Increasingly linked transportation networks Increasing investment by states & private investors Movement of $ around the globe is more rapid Increase in global identity No, Globalization is not occurring Backlash against western culture Not new phenomenon Groups of states banning to oppose globalization/westernization Regionalism, not globalization Not all states are integrated into the global market – especially not equally Equality of wealth not globalized
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Unformatted text preview: • Cultures use Western ideas, but make them their own • State is still primary actor in IR • Sovereignty is still essential • State power still basis of IGOs • States still try to control trade • States are still protectionist • Structure of national economies still important (states still have safety nets) How does globalization decrease or increase conflict? Decrease • IGOs utilize mediation • IGOs promote cooperation • Interdependency • Global identity (sympathy/awareness of interconnectedness) Increase • Outsourcing (domestic conflict) • Blacklash to globalization (anti-globalization movement) • Privatization How does globalization help UD states/hurt UD states? Hurt • D states have incentives to continue unequal relationship Help • Aid for development • Learning curve for UD • Rise of NIC’s • Global poverty overall is at an all-time low...
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4.19 Globalization - • Cultures use Western ideas but...

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