JMC 142 Syllabus

JMC 142 Syllabus - 584-142: TELEVISION AND RADIO IN...

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Unformatted text preview: 584-142: TELEVISION AND RADIO IN AMERICAN SOCIETY Spring 2008Sec. 001 11:00 12:15 pm, Tues/ThursLecturer:Teaching Assistant:Mark ZoromskiMartha Boehm129 Johnston Hall 317 Johnston HallOffice Hours: Tu/Th 8:30 10:30 am Office Hours: Tu/Th 12:30 2:00 maboehm@uwm.edu414-229-6269 414-229-6308COURSE DESCRIPTION:JMC 142 tells the story of Americas most popular and powerful storyteller, television, and its companion medium, radio. Its a subject that you likely, in some ways, are already an expert. These media are part of the everyday lives of most people. But this course will help you develop a different kind of expertise. Youll learn about things you may have wondered about before, and things you may never considered like how the ratings system works, where todays media giants came from, and what to expect from tomorrows electronic media. You may not know it, but you play a part in the broadcasting industry every day. Each time you turn on your television, or listen to the radio, or make a cellular phone call, or use a garage door opener, you become a part of the broadcasting industry. In some respects, you are the most vital part of the industry: a consumer. As such, the industry studies you, makes assumptions about your habits, and develops marketing strategies to win your business.In this course, we will learn the fundamentals of Americas broadcasting and cable industry. Well study a broad range of topics: the history and technical aspects of broadcasting, the business aspects of the industry, programming, ratings, research, the effects of the industry, and governmental controls. THE SECRET TO SUCCESS IN THIS CLASS:Theres a magic formula to success in this class: attend class and keep up with the readings. Its that simple. You will have a reading assignment for each class, but Ive made every effort to make sure the reading load is manageable. Some of the textbook readings are complicated particularly the ones about the technical aspects of broadcasting but if you keep up with the readings and attend the lectures, hopefully well be able to figure it all out and have fun at the same time.POLICIES AND PROCEDURES:Attendance. I do not take attendance in this class. That said, see The Secret to Success above. It will be extremely difficult for you to do well in this class without attending thelectures.In previous classes, there has been a direct correlation between class attendance and exam scores those who attended class regularly scored much better on exams than those who attended class sporadically. who attended class sporadically....
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JMC 142 Syllabus - 584-142: TELEVISION AND RADIO IN...

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