2.13 - Realism-View of Change Humans and intl. system are...

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Realism—View of Change Humans and intl. system are unlikely to change If change happens, it will be slowly Realism—Policy Recommendations Practical foreign policy: do not pursue marginal interests, only vital national interests --military force is useful, but only when necessary to protect national interests Extend or preserve power via gaining leverage over other states Peace achieved through strength Debate between offensive and defensive realists over how to deal with security dilemmas: o Defensive : bolster defensive security to deter other actors from challenging you, especially when you’re more powerful o Offensive : seek more power and at all times because you cannot be aware of others’ intentions Liberalism Roots of “classical liberal” school of study of intl. politics o 19 th centure thinkers like Immanuel Kant o Post-WWI “idealists” like Woodrow Wilson “neoliberal institutionalist” school arrived in 1970s critiqued a number of realism’s tenets Said realism overlooked economic factors, which liberals say have trumped military security as most important IR issue Liberalism—View of Human Nature Optimistic Bad and aggressive behavior is not natural, but due to faulty societal institutions or misunderstandings Through education and learning, humans will develop institutions that bring out their best qualities Liberalism—View of Power Some define power as realists do Many see power as accomplishing mutually desirable ends through cooperation
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2.13 - Realism-View of Change Humans and intl. system are...

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