3.1 Socialist Feminism

3.1 Socialist Feminism - Socialist Feminism Argue that...

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Socialist Feminism Argue that capitalism is root of oppression against women Market typically only rewards production in public sphere, not private sphere (child making/caring) Women were not allowed to produce in public sphere for so long; they do now, but still make less money Conflict Conflict: dispute arising from real or perceived incompatibilities of interests War War: sustained inter-group violence (if war is international or civil state militaries will be involved) Disagreement over how to define war (# of casualties? # of troops? How to define sustained?) (Q: Why is this important?) Correlates of War (COW)- war defined as 1000 battle deaths per year 100 battle deaths for per year for each state Causes/Theories of War Wars do not have a single cause, but a number of factors have been identified as increasing the likelihood for war. Most wars caused by specific combination of these factors. Individual-Level Causes/Theories of War Aggression is innate in human nature Wars are started by individual leaders who are: A. risk takers, and/or B. power- seeking, in spite of the costs of war Societal/Domestic-Level Causes/Theories of War Aggression is result of socialization Primordialism = collectively-held “ancient hatreds” of others “given/natural” War results from expansionism & imperialism (to control external/temporary states, markets, resources) Authoritarian states are more war-like because less constraints on leaders’ decisions to go to war Power rivalry: war results from desire to gain relative power (political, economic,
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3.1 Socialist Feminism - Socialist Feminism Argue that...

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