PetroneA--Test 0

PetroneA--Test 0 - Math 52 DE Summer 2005 P RACTICE T EST...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 52 DE Summer 2005 P RACTICE T EST This is Page 0. This test has a format almost identical to what the real tests will look like. It will help you to get accustomed to typing math. We will send you feedback on your typing. Remember, presentation is 10% of the grade. This test will also allow you to do a couple of sample problems from Lecture 2 and Lecture 3 to see how our grading system will work Instructions: (a) Getting the test : Save this test to your hard disk and log off the Internet. Then print a copy of the test. (b) Doing the test : Do all the math problems in pencil or pen on the test paper--just like you would do in an ordinary class. There should be enough space after each problem to write your solution on the test paper. Then type your answers into the spaces in the test file. Please try to type your answers in the space following the questions (and submit the questions along with your answers). (c) For this Practice Test please follow the five hour time limit that will apply to real tests. This time limit includes doing the problems and typing your answers. (d) On the math problems (here and on later tests) be sure to show all your work. The idea is to show enough work that we can follow your train of thought. Remember : The more work you show the more partial credit you will receive: no work = no credit . All the prose text in your answers should be in correctly spelled and punctuated complete sentences. Please recall : Form counts for 10% of your grade....
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This note was uploaded on 04/28/2008 for the course MATH 52 taught by Professor Moses during the Summer '08 term at GWU.

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PetroneA--Test 0 - Math 52 DE Summer 2005 P RACTICE T EST...

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