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PetroneA--Test 3 - Math 52 DE Summer 2006 TEST 3 This is...

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Math 52 DE Summer 2006 T EST 3 This is Page 0. Instructions: (a) Getting the test : Save this test to your hard disk. Rename the file “name.doc” where “name” is your last name. Then log off the Internet and print a copy of the test. (b) Doing the test : Do all the problems in pencil or pen on the test paper--just like you would do in an ordinary class. There should be enough space after each problem to write your solution on the test paper. Plan to spend about 1 hour on the problems. Be sure to show all your work. The idea is to show enough work so that I can follow your train of thought. The more work you show the more partial credit you will get: no work = no credit . The prose text in your answers (when there is any) should be in correctly spelled and punctuated complete sentences. Please remember : Form counts for 10% of your grade. (c) Rules : The test is open book and calculators are allowed . However, you may not discuss the test questions with anyone (except the instructors). Please be sensitive to the special problems of distance learning. If there is any chance that someone else taking this class will use the same computer as you, you must remove your test file when you are finished. See the GWU Code of Academic Integrity : (d) Preparing for submission : When you are done solving the test problems, you must then type your answers. The 5 hour time limit should leave you at least 4 hours for that purpose. Please type your paper in MS Word following the typing conventions discussed in Lecture 1. Do this by editing downloaded test document (you may want to make a back-up copy before you start). The idea is that you should essentially copy your handwritten work into typed form . Please use Times Roman 12 or 14 point font. Again please note : form counts for 10% of your grade. (e) Submitting : Please print your file to check the formatting before submitting it. Submit it back to the Test section of blackboard where you got. Be sure to save a backup copy of your completed test on your hard disk, at least until you receive a grade from me. You must submit no later than 5 hours after downloading. (f) Academic integrity again : By submitting your test you are certifying that the work is yours alone and that it was completed according to the rules. Good Luck! Name: Adam Petrone GWU ID number: G18346806 E-Mail address: [email protected] Time and date of initial download: 6/19/06 6:35pm Time and date e-mailing back: 6/11/06 11:05pm Comments or messages for the instructors: Page Score 1. 2. 3. 4.
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page 1. Problem 1. (6 or 7 points each, with 3 points off for not simplifying) Compute the following derivatives using rules from the Rule Book. Be sure to simplify as much as possible . (a)
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PetroneA--Test 3 - Math 52 DE Summer 2006 TEST 3 This is...

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