2.15 - Liberalism Popularity increased even greater since...

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Popularity increased even greater since end of Cold War o Prevalence of democratic peace o Large-scale conflict is less frequent o Some say Western liberal democracy and capitalism has triumphed Theoretical Perspectives in IR #3 -- Marxism/Radicalism Marxism Roots of socialist ideas date back to utopian thinkers of 1500s (e.g. Sir Thomas Moore), but ideas of Karl Marx (1800s) are fundamental Contemporary Marxist IR theories gained steam in 1970s: contrary to expectations, post-WWII decolonized states had not achieved respectable degree of economic growth o These theories are most popular in underdeveloped states Argue that historical analysis is essential to understanding IR Connection between production of goods, social relations, and power as economic systems have changed from feudalism to capitalism (and eventually to socialism/communism, in theory) Marxism – View of Power Power derived from economic wealth, specifically surplus value, and is a function of position located in economic class structure o Surplus Value o $60 Sale Price of Shoes o -$15 labor o -$15 machinery o = $30 Profit/Surplus Value Basic Assumptions of Marxism Assumption #1: the foundation of society is materialist in nature everything in society (laws, culture, ideas, etc.) & IR must be explained w/ reference to economics Assumption #2: driving force in IR is the structure of the intl. system = a hierarchical capitalist system primary actors in intl. sytem are economic classes division between wealthy bourgeoisie (i.e. capitalist class) & poor proletariat (i.e. working class)
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2.15 - Liberalism Popularity increased even greater since...

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