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Review (version 1) - Data refers to the items stored on a...

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Unformatted text preview: Data refers to the items stored on a digital electronics device including numbers (values), characters (letters), sounds (such as voice over a cell phone network), music (CDs and MP3s), or graphics (photos, drawings, and movies). The process of transforming nondigital information, such as things you experience with your senses - written or spoken words, artwork, photographs, movies, even tastes and fragrances - to 1s and 0s is called digitization . Handheld computers , also called PDA s (for personal digital assistant), are personal computers that are only slightly larger tha traditional cell phones. A(n) Web server is responsible for serving up Web pages over the Internet. Multiple computer networks joined together to form larger networks are called internetworks. Automation involves utilizing computers to control otherwise human actions and activities. A(n) group decision support system provides tools for groups to reach consensus and design the most effective solutions w minimum time and effort. Computer scientists use computers to help with the software design process. Pervasive computing implies that computing and information technologies are diffused throughout every part of the environm Ubiquitous computing suggests that technology is becoming so much a part of the environment that people do not even noti Smart phones are handheld computers that include cell phone capabilities. Tablet PCs are portable personal computers, similar to a notebook computer in size, that provide a touch sensitive display on you can write and draw. The expression computer system is typically used to describe multiple computers working together over a network towards a common goal. Scientists are using computers to forecast weather, hunt for hurricanes, analyze the environmental impact of forest fires, and m detailed maps using geographic information systems (GISs) . To pervade means to become diffused throughout every part of something. A(n) bit represents data using technologies that can be set to one of two states, such as on or off, charged or not charged. A group of eight bits is called a(n) byte . Text messaging involves using a cell phone to send short text messages to other cell phone users. Telecommunications are communications that take place electronically over a distance. Protocols are rules that allow two or more computers to communicate over a network....
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Review (version 1) - Data refers to the items stored on a...

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