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Alcohol In college alcohol is almost an excepted drink for people under the age of 21, but lately colleges have began to crack down on the underage drinking and buying of alcohol. My first semester has been filled with both parties and studying, and I feel if you can balance both of them there is no problem with going out on the weekends and having a good time with your friends. Many college students do not drink, until they are 21, but I feel that if you are on your own and being safe about drinking it should be allowed. Almost everyone has tried drinking underage and almost everyone’s parents drank in college, so I do not understand the large outcry against it.
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Unformatted text preview: I have learned to keep my studies in front of my socializing and partying. The problem affects students when they put partying in front of studies. Almost everything is fine in moderation even alcohol. It is when people binge drink and play drinking games that get people sick and give them alcohol poisoning. I have been going out about three times a week and my grades have not suffered at all. My midterms were all A’s and B’s. The negative affect alcohol plays is the hangovers produced from a night of heavy drinking, and the benefits are that it helps you to relax and less stressed out. Alcohol may be dangerous, but only when it is used incorrectly....
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