Final project - Hsiaolin Chang December 15 ,06 Final...

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Hsiaolin Chang December 15 ‘06 Final Project TA: Sean, Section 2 Short story of a woman in Song dynasty People call her Xiao Liu, Liu meaning six because she was the sixth child. She did not have a name. Not because she was a servant. Even servants of a wealthy family were given names. It’s simply because her parents were too busy trying to keep the family alive to even think of a name for her. Xiao Liu’s parents Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lee was hoping for a boy when Mrs. Lee was pregnant with Xiao Liu. They simply believe that another boy will increase the labor force of this family, and maybe one day somehow manages to pass the exam to be an official or become a merchant. They have no idea how the boys are going to learn read and write or how to become a merchant. All they know is that if one of the boys does become a merchant or an official, they won’t have to do farm work when they’re old. When Xiao Liu was six, she helped out with simple housework such as putting things in place, cleaning the house. The house was only a big room with a big cloth on the floor that serves as the bed for the entire family. There is a table on the side where they would eat breakfast and only breakfast because that is what they can afford and they need energy to work in the fields in the morning. In the afternoon they would eat man tou, very cheap and hard bread from the north. At night, they will
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sleep early so that they won’t feel hungry. The Lee family would’ve never survived without the help of their landlord who
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Final project - Hsiaolin Chang December 15 ,06 Final...

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