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October 24, 2007 Personality and Individual Differences. o Heritability. The percentage of the variance of a certain characteristic that is accounted for by the genetic differences among individuals in a population. Heritability is a 100% when all individual differences are due to genetic differences. o Examples: Height: 85-95%. Abilities/Intelligence: 60-70%. Personality: 50%. Religious/Political Beliefs: 30-40%. Refers to the population, not the individual. In intelligence of 70% does not mean that 70 IQ points are due to genes. Is a trait that changes as the variance of the variable in the population changes. If variance due to the environment decreases, heritability increases. o Interaction between Genes and Environment. Reactive Interaction: Different people react to the same environment differently. o Brighter students will get more out of this lecture.
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Unformatted text preview: Evocative Interaction: Different people evoke different reactions from the environment. o Fuzzy baby. If a baby is very irritating, then they will not receive the same amount of nurture as a baby who is not identified as an irritating baby. Proactive Interaction: Different people choose and create different environments. o This class. o Assessment of Individual Differences. Ability Tests: General vs. Specific tests. Aptitude (capacity to learn) vs. Achievement Tests (acquired ability). Personality Tests. Objective Tests. o Personality can be distinguished by just asking someone questions. Projective Tests. o Cannot get to know personality by just asking questions because people can always lie. o Criteria for a good test. o Intelligence. o Personality....
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