Lecture October 29, 2007

Lecture October 29, 2007 - behaviors that define an...

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October 29, 2007 Intelligence. Difference between intelligence and creativity. Intelligence. Convergent thinking; within problem framework. Creativity. Divergent thinking. Involves finding a new and useful solution to a problem. It may demand that we reject conventional ideas. It may clarify a problem that was originally vague. Criteria for a Good Test. Validity. Test should measure what it is supposed to measure. Criterion, validity, convergent and discriminant validity. Reliability. Whatever the test measures, it should measure it well. Test-retest reliability, alternate form reliability, internal consistency. For ability tests: > .9. For personality tests: >.7. Personality. Distinctive and characteristic patterns of thought, emotions and
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Unformatted text preview: behaviors that define an individual style of interaction with physical and social environment. ○ Objective Personalities Inventories. Straight forward answers. Generating of items through self or peer-ratings or adjectives from dictionary. Use of factors analysis to examine patterns of correlation. Reducing response bias. • Indirect assessment of traits, validity scales. ○ Example. I have never lied. Examples. • MMPI. • Cattell. ○ Personality test that included 16 different dimensions. • 16 PF. ○ Projective Tests. More personal insight. Example. October 29, 2007 • Rohrschach. • TAT....
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Lecture October 29, 2007 - behaviors that define an...

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