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5492120872a1d8bb1e99189c15f37763cbb406f6.doc Atomic and Electronic Structure Previous chapters emphasized chemical reactions, and we simply stated that chemical reactions were all about fighting for electrons. Before we can appreciate (predict) differences in chemical reactivity, we need to have a better understanding of electrons at the atomic level. Recall the atom model of a marble in the football stadium. but what happens when we combine atoms together to form a bond for a new molecule? why do atoms want to behave like a noble gas? How did scientists develop a model for the atom, given they had no way to directly study (see) an individual atom?? Hint fireworks ! When atoms are excited by energy (can be of various forms, either heat, electrical, light, for example), they exhibit unique behavior, when returning to their unexcited state, ie “ground state”. Simple experiment placing various metals in a flame check out ex.html Before we answer these questions, we need to have some understanding of the nature of light/energy In particular, we need to appreciate electrons as having wave like behavior Chem 111 Lecture notes By Alan Zombeck page 1
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5492120872a1d8bb1e99189c15f37763cbb406f6.doc Electromagnetic Radiation Electromagnetic energy energy carried through space/matter by means of wavelike oscillations Electromagnetic spectrum figure 8.4 in book To appreciate the differences in the different types of waves or energy, we need to define some parameters of waves Frequency number of cycles/sec , represented by ν Wavelength distance a wave travels, represented by λ See figure 8.2 Frequency and amplitude are related by the speed of light. ν x λ = c You should be able to do calculations with this equation ! (although we will not do an example in class)
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Chapter 08 - 5492120872a1d8bb1e99189c15f37763cbb406f6.doc...

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