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ffa26e2941ad9c48fc0c7fd394c7f44de467c4c3.doc Chemical Bonding Chemical Bonds forces of attraction that bind atoms to each other to form more complex substances Two types of bonds Covalent bonding sharing of electrons (molecular compounds) Ionic bonding transfer of electrons (ionic compounds) bonds results from positive and negative charges attracting each other See figure 9.2 and 9.3 Lattice Energy the amount that the potential energy of the system decreases when the ions in one mole of the compound are brought from a gaseous state to the positions the ions occupy in a crystal of the compound Electron Configurations when ions form; The Octet Rule atoms tend to gain or lose electrons until they have achieved an outer shell that contains an octet (8) of electrons just like noble gases Exceptions to the Octet rule Some metals will preferentially lose electrons from other orbitals if the d orbitals are filled or ½ filled. Examples Sn, Sn 2+ , Sn 4+ Chem 111 lecture notes By Alan Zombeck page1
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ffa26e2941ad9c48fc0c7fd394c7f44de467c4c3.doc Fe, Fe 3+ Example 8.1 Writing electron configurations of ions Write the electron configuration for N 3- and Sb 3+ Lewis Symbols Electronic bookkeeping! What matters in forming bonds the outer most shell of electrons Therefore we designate a new short hand notation for electron configurations where the elemental symbol is written with the number
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Chapter 09 - ffa26e2941ad9c48fc0c7fd394c7f44de467c4c3.doc...

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