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The following is a list of concepts you should be familiar with for the final lab practical: Phase contrast/brightfield/dark field/fluorescence/DIC microscopy Measurement with microscope Koehler illumination Magnification vs. resolution Components of microscope Ubiquity of Microorganisms Colony and cell morphology Culture media preparation Nutritional components of media Selective and differential media Media bias Aseptic technique and culture transfer Enrichment, isolation, and identification
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Unformatted text preview: Quadrant streak/spread plate/pour plate Gram stain Endospore stain Microbial populations Transformation Transformation efficiency PCR Electrophoresis Serial dilutions MPN & coliforms Presumptive and confirmed tests Antibiotic resistance Scientific method Flowcharts Experimental controls Controlled variables Viable plate count Turbidimetry Use of spectrophotometer Transmittance vs. absorbance Bacterial standard growth curve...
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