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Exam 1 study guide - Heidi Bustamante Study Guide for...

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Heidi Bustamante Study Guide for practical 1 LAB BASICS What is a power lab? How does a power lab work? How do we utilize power labs in this course? What is a transducer and how does it work? How do we calibrate a transducer? How do we utilize a transducer in this course? How do the Chart program and Scope program work? Similarities? Differences? What are features of the Chart program that we have used in lab thus far? What is Statview and how do we use it in our course? What are T-tests? Paired vs. Unpaired? What is a P-value and how do we obtain it? What does a significant P-value tell us about our data? A non-significant P-value? What is the purpose of a regression line? When do we use a regression line? When would you use a bar graph? What are error bars and how do error bars tell us about our data? What is an independent variable? What is a dependent variable? When producing a graph from collected data, which variable falls on which axes? CARDIOVASCULAR RESPONSES TO EXERCISE Review the pattern of blood flow including cardiovascular anatomy. What is blood pressure? Sytolic vs. Diastolic? What is a typical BP response to the onset of exercise? To extended exercise? What is pulse pressure? How do we determine pulse pressure? What is mean arteriole pressure (MAP or xBP) and how do we determine it? What factors play a role in altering BP? What are the general principles behind the use of a sphygmomanometer (BP cuff)? What does the 1 st sound relate to and what does the 2 nd sound relate to? What is cardiac output (Q)? What variables have an effect on Q?
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Exam 1 study guide - Heidi Bustamante Study Guide for...

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