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The Christian Right - Lizzie Guerra Professor Holmes The...

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Lizzie Guerra Professor Holmes February 28 , 2008 The Wrong Kind of Right “In Christianity neither morality nor religion come into contact with reality at any point . –Friedrich Nietzsche The negative effect that the Christian Right has had on our current political situation is a prime example of how the church is stifling our very existence . Following the 2000 elections the way many Americans viewed controversial issues changed drastically . President George Bush took issues such as abortion , homosexuality , euthanasia and stem cell research and brought them to the forefront of national politics while simultaneously exploiting them . As I have matured I have watched the way the conservative left wing and my very own religion have increasingly alienated its members due to these contentious topics . In the eighth grade I spent a summer babysitting for a family on the Cape . I had known them for one-year prior and was thrilled when they asked me to be their nanny . I was shocked , however , when I got there to find out that they were extreme Catholics . For six weeks I devoutly attended Sunday mass with them , being forced to sing along to the hymns and to kneel and sit on command . I had to hide my fresh copy of the 5 th Harry Potter book under my bed so that they wouldn’t be offended , and was continually lectured on the ills of abortion . Mrs . Grayson , the mother , happened to be the head of the right to life for the entire East Coast . When I returned home to Vermont at the end of that
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summer I promised myself that I would never force my views on anyone the way they had done to me . It is very discombobulating to an impressionable young teenager to be so forcefully preached at! I had never felt so distant from God in my entire life as I had that summer , and I can say that it is one of the reasons why I have let my Catholic faith diminish . The Christian Right believes that abortion is a grave sin against natural law and that a human’s life begins at the moment of conception . Thus killing an unborn fetus is the equivalent to murdering a human being . I have always been divided on the issue of abortion . I do not know if I would personally be able to handle the emotional stress of aborting a child , but I do believe that the woman should retain her right to do with her body as she pleases . There are many complicated facets to this issue , however .
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