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History of Rock Final Exam: Essays 1. Rock & roll may be here to stay, but individual artists and styles are not. Rock and Roll as a general style is permanent but its component parts are extremely transitory. Genres and bands go out of style so quickly that not one band ever really stays throughout generations Examples of artists/styles with staying power? Examples of fleeting trends? o Artists/styles with staying power Beatles/Rolling Stones dichotomy Beatles turns into Prog rock, jam bands o Artistic, virtuosic Rolling Stones becomes hard rock, punk, metal o Visceral, hard rock Per decade o 70’s – Beatles Prog Rock (Yes); RS Acid Rock (Grateful Dead) o 80’s – Beatles post punk (U2); RS heavy metal, punk (Ozzy) o In a test discerning what performers today will be popular ten years from now, the majority of performers named were not even mentioned in the answers two years later. o Individualism of the market is recognized through the fact that out of 100 responses on a given survey 63 separate artists were named and few received as many as five votes. o For every Chicago or Rolling Stones (two examples of artists with staying power) there are hundreds of performers who are here today and gone tom. Examples of styles that come back around decades later and/or continue to influence rock musicians? o Glam/Hair Bands David Bowie defined glam bands in the 70’s Theatrics, makeup, over the top stories Hair bands like Motley Crue brought it back in the 80’s Theatrics and makeup all over again o Trends that don’t stay Girl Pop singers (Britney Spears) and boy bands (N’Sync) o Nothing is as “out” as that which is most recently “out” o Cycle of popularity to derision to nostalgia. What is the role of nostalgia in musical trends? (i.e. VH1’s “I Love the 80s”) o Nostalgia is what brings back the trends o Seeing how awesome metal was in the 80’s brings in New Age punk in present
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time o Example of Michael Jackson in earlier mentioned test in 1984 he was the biggest vote getter, two years later the responses to his name were snickers and laughs. However, with time the Jackson stigma passed and Michael became a nostalgia item from “the good ole’ early 80’s”. o Nostalgia phenomenon is particularly noticeable with harder rock styles, especially heavy metal. o Principal is that the more appeal and success of a group that is based on rebellion and shock, the more likely for that group to pass from super in to super out. What about intentionally disposable music and the people/industry that creates it? o Labels sign artists frequently because they are trying to get the next Michael Jackson o This continuously signing random bands makes it hard for true skilful bands to get signed o Back in the 70’s Bruce Springsteen was on his label for 10 years before his first number one hit Never happens anymore Bands are dropped if they do not produce results automatically
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MUSL 153 Final essays - History of Rock Final Exam Essays 1...

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