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con deffs 321-360 - Marc Pottey Ships construction...

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Marc Pottey Ships construction Definitions 321-260 321. Sheer strake- The strake of shell plating that runs along the level of the main or upper decks 322. Shell expansion plans- A plan showing the seams and butts, thickness, and associated welding or riveting of all plates comprising the shell plating, framing, etc. 323. Shell landings-the portion of the edges of shell plating occupied by the laps 324. Shell plating- the plating forming the outer skin of a vessel 325. Shelter deck-A deck similar to an awning deck, but built on a very light superstructure 326. Shore & tom-a method of stiffening where braces are cut half inch short and wedges are driven in to hold them in places 327. Shroud-A principal member of the standing rigging, consisting of hemp or wire ropes which extend from or near a mast head to a vessel’s side or to the rim of a top to afford lateral support for the mast
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328. Side keelson-A term applied to the fore and aft girders running along the bottom of the ship parallel, or nearly so, to the keel 329. Skeg- the aft end of the keel 330. Skids- A wooden framework attached to the side of a ship to prevent damage, as when unloading 331.
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con deffs 321-360 - Marc Pottey Ships construction...

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