con deffs 281-320

con deffs 281-320 - Marc Pottey Ships construction 281-320...

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Marc Pottey Ships construction 281-320 281. Platen-A work bench or table the upper surface of which lies in a true plane 282. Platform-A term applied to a partial deck fitted in the hold of a ship 283. Plimsoll mark-A mark stenciled in and painted on the side of a vessel designating the depth to which the ship may be loaded 284. Poppets- One of the beams of a launching cradle supporting a ship's hull 285. Propeller post-The forward post of a stern frame on vessels having a center line propeller 286. Quadrant-A reflecting hand navigating instrument, constructed on the same principle as the sextant, but with a shorter limb, measuring angles up to 90 degrees only 287. Rabbet-A groove in the stem, keel or stern frame into which the edges of planking or plating are fitted 288. Racking stress- stresses which tend to produce racking strains 289. Reaming-A term applied to the operation of enlarging a punched or drilled hole by a rotary cutter called a reamer
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290. Reserve buoyancy-The difference between the amount a vessel would displace if she were watertight and totally submerged, and the amount she actually does displace at her designed draft 291. Reverse frame-A bar riveted to the upper edge of a floor plate or the web or inner flange of a frame 292. Ribband-A painted stripe or molding around a vessel’s side
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con deffs 281-320 - Marc Pottey Ships construction 281-320...

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