con deffs 161-200

con deffs 161-200 - Marc Pottey Ships construction 161-200...

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Marc Pottey Ships construction 161-200 October 11, 2007 161. Flange- he turned edge of a shape or girder which acts to resist a bending movement 162. Flat plate keel- A plate of extra thickness riveted to the bottom angles of the keelson. The flat plate keel has been substituted for the bar keel in most steel ships because it saves draft and is sufficient for docking purposes 163. Floodable length- he length of vessel which may be flooded without sinking her below her safety or margin line 164. Floor (types)- Fireproof- flooring consisting of a fireproof compound laid on a deck. Metallic- This type of flooring consists of high metal plates either smooth, checkered, or having a ridged upper surface. They are principally used for working floors in the boiler and machinery spaces. Stokehold- a flooring of checkered plating or grating is usually fitted in the fire room a small distance above the inner bottom plating. Ventilating - a floor with metal bars allowing air to pass freely 165. Floor plate- A plate placed vertically in the bottom of a ship usually on every frame and running athwart ship from bilge to bilge
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166. Flounder plate- a plate used to connect two cables to one for towing
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con deffs 161-200 - Marc Pottey Ships construction 161-200...

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