con deffs 361-411

con deffs 361-411 - Marc Pottey Ships construction...

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Marc Pottey Ships construction definitions 361-400 361. Strum box- The enlarged terminal on the suction end of a pipe and forming a strainer  which prevents the entrance of material liable to choke the pipe 362. Strut- a bracket supporting the after end of the propeller shaft and the propeller in twin or  multiple screwed vessels having propeller shafts fitted off from the center line 363. Stulken derrick- brand name of booms made for ships to move cargo 364. Superstructure- structure built above the uppermost complete deck, a pilot house,  bridge, galley house, etc 365. Swash plate- a vertical plate fitted either athwartship or fore and aft in a tank for the  purpose of retarding the flow of the liquid therein 366. Swath hull- small waterplane area tri-hull ship 367. Sweat batten- wooden battens in cargo holds to reduce cargo sweat 368. Tack weld- a weld to temporally hold pieces together until a better weld can be done
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369. Tactical diameter- The horizontal distance from the original course to the position  where the ship has turned through 16 points of the compass 370. Tail shaft- shaft that the propeller is on outside the hull 371. Tangency bracket- a bracket touching only one place 372. Tank top- decks that also form the top of tanks 373. Tank stabilizer- running athwart ship direction to counter act the roll of a ships liquid cargo 374. Template-
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con deffs 361-411 - Marc Pottey Ships construction...

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