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Lauren Grossel AAUW report Vocabulary Notes AAUW Title IX Classroom Equality Confidence Sex Education Sexual harassment Curriculum Evaded Curriculum Socioeconomics Math / Science Womens Education Equality Act Program Myth: higher education was not good for a women’s health There shall be no discrimination in federal institutions receiving funding. Girls were being persuaded from taking classes and opportunities that would help them succeed in life, and this act forced schools to encourage it. Office for Civil Rights officiates Boys and Girls tend to enter school starting at the same abilities but by the time of graduation boys are usually more progressed then girls are in the world of education. Excellence in education cannot happen without equity in education. Girls therefore cannot achieve if not given the opportunity to strive. -African American girls get far less attention then white girls even if they try to gain attention. – girls deal with verbal and sexual assault from boys and from teachers, - cooperation vs. competitive standards
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